The Replicated Hoodie


The Story of the Hoodie

One fall day many years ago, our founders Grant & Marc showed up at the office wearing the same hoodie. The exact same hoodie. Same brand, same color. Like they had gone to the mall together and decided to dress like twinsies, except they hadn’t. 

It was a sign. The swag gods had spoken. This particular super soft, dark heather gray hoodie, made of eco-friendly materials was Replicated’s new swag. We knew we had something just tech-startup-dressy enough, not quite enough to wear to a black-tie dinner, but you could get away wearing it to a VC dinner. But how to brand it?

That night, several hours into a burrito-induced restless sleep, Grant woke up in cold sweats. It hit him; we wouldn’t put the company logo on the outside, we would put it discreetly on the inside.

We wanted to gift a nice hoodie to our customers, prospects, employees, and community that they would actually wear and appreciate. We wanted something that represented the quality and craftsmanship of the software produced and delivered by Replicated. We didn’t want a bunch of walking billboards or next week’s thrift store finds. So we made them.

In our newly remote world, we will continue the tradition of gifting our wonderful hoodie to anyone who requests it. Want a super-soft heather gray hoodie made of eco-friendly materials? Simply fill out the hoodie form!

Made with ♥ by Replicated

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